Classes Standard glossary term(s)* Examples of free text included in this label
Parenchymal opacification Consolidation Airspace Consolidation; lung consolidation; airspace consolidation; parenchymal consolidation; peri-hilar opacification; batwing shadowing; airspace opacification; airspace shadowing; airspace changes; alveolar shadowing; shadowing; ill-defined density; changes of pulmonary oedema
Interstitial opacification | Fibrosis Reticular pattern | Reticulonodular pattern | Interlobular septal thickening | Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis | Honeycombing | Interstitium Interstitial shadowing; interstitial nodularity; increased interstitial markings; increased lung markings; increased parenchymal lung markings; increased markings; fibrosis; reticular shadowing or opacification; fibrotic change; reticular changes; reticular density; reticular shadow; reticulation; reticular pattern; reticular interstitial pattern; septal thickening; Kerley B lines; septal lines; opacification with septal line
Ground-glass opacity Ground-glass opacity Ground glass opacity; ground glass change; ground glass shadowing; ground glass density
Parenchymal mass or nodule Mass | Nodule | Opacity Lung mass; pulmonary mass; parenchymal mass; lung malignancy; primary lung malignancy; lung metastases; pulmonary metastases; lung nodule; pulmonary nodule; parenchymal nodule; lung opacity; pulmonary opacity; parenchymal opacity
Cavity Cavity Cavitation; cavity; cavitating lesion
Bulla Bulla Bulla; bullae; lung lucencies
Emphysema Emphysema Emphysema; emphysematous change; bullous emphysema
Hyperexpanded Lungs Air trapping Hyperexpanded lungs; hyperexpansion; hyperinflation; large lung volume; chest hyperinflated
Bronchial changes Bronchiole | Bronchiectasis | Bronchiolectasis Bronchiectasis; bronchial wall thickening; peribronchial thickening
Collapse | Volume loss Collapse | Architectural distortion Lung/lobe collapse; decreased lung volume; small volume lungs; decreased lung size; specific signs e.g. sail sign; golden s sign
Atelectasis Atelectasis Atelectasis; atelectatic change; atelectatic bands; liner atelectasis; subsegmental atelectasis; atelectatic findings
Apical changes Apical cap Apical thickening; apical interstitial change; apical fibrosis
Pulmonary blood flow redistribution Pulmonary blood flow redistribution Upper lobe diversion; prominent upper lobe pulmonary vessels/vasculature; dilated/enlarged upper lobe vessels; enlarged pulmonary veins/vessels
Mediastinum & Hila
Pneumomediastinum Pneumomediastinum Air in medistinum
Mediastinum, displaced Mediastinal compartments Mediastinal shift; displaced mediastinum; cardiomediastinum displaced
Mediastinum, widened Mediastinal compartments Widening of the mediastinum; mediastinal widening
Hilum, changes | Paratracheal, changes Hilum, lymphadenopathy | Paratracheal stripe, right Enlargement of hilum; hilar enlargement; prominent hila; hilar prominence; hilum prominent; prominence of hilum; vascular prominence at hilum; bulky hilum; hilum/hilar bulky; hilar adenopathy; hilar lymphadenopathy; hilar lymph node enlargement; hilar mass; hilar calcification; Paratracheal adenopathy/lymphadenopathy; paratracheal soft tissue/ opacification; widening of paratracheal stripe
Pleural space
Pneumothorax Pneumothorax Pneumothorax; tension pneumothorax
Pleural Effusion Pleural space | Water density Pleural effusion, effusion; pleural fluid; fluid in major/minor fissure; blunting of costophrenic angle; costophrenic angle attenuated
Pleura, abnormality Pleural space | Pleural plaque Calcified pleural plaques; pleural plaques; pleurally based changes; pleural thickening; parietal pleural thickening; pleural reaction; pleural shadowing/shadow; pleural density; pleural scarring; pleural lesion
Diaphragm, abnormality Diaphragm Elevation of hemidiaphragm; hemidiaphragm elevated; hemidiaphragmatic hump; eventration of diaphragm; tenting of hemidiaphragm
Cardiomegaly Enlargement Heart Cardiomegaly, heart enlarged, cardiac enlargement; cardiac silhouette enlarged; heart shadow enlarged; large heart; large heart shadow
Cardiac calcification Calcification Heart Calcification of the coronary artery/vessels; cardiac valve; cardiac wall; or cardiac aneurysm
Dextrocardia - Dextrocardia; situs inversus
Cardiac Calcification Calcification Aorta Calcification of the aorta
Aortic tortuosity Tortuous Aorta Unfolding of the thoracic/descending aorta; unfolded (thoracic) aorta
Osseous Structures and Chest Wall
Fracture, rib Fracture Rib Rib fracture; step in rib
Fracture, clavicle Fracture Clavicle Clavicle fracture; clavicular fracture
Bone, lesion Bone-forming neoplasm Bone metastasis; bone metastases
Scoliosis Scoliosis Scoliosis; kyphoscoliosis; kyphosis
Mass, paraspinal Mass Paraspinal Mass next/adjacent to spine; paraspinal density
Skin/soft tissue
Emphysema, subcutaenous Emphysema, Subcutaenous Subcutaneous emphysema; surgical emphysema
Mass, soft tissue Mass | Soft tissue density Soft tissue abnormality: breast, subcutaneous or cutaneous tissue, supraclavicular fossae, chest wall, cervical area, upper limb; axillary mass; axillary adenopathy / lymphadenopathy; enlarged lymph node
Bowel, dilated Bowel Dilated Dilatation/dilated bowel loops; dilated loop bowel; prominent small bowel loops; prominent gas shadow; prominent bowel/loops of bowel; distended stomach / gastric bubble; distended gas filled viscus; dilated viscus
Pneumoperitoneum Pneumoperitoneum Pneumoperitoneum
Hernia Hernia Hiatus hernia
Other Findings
Abnormal, not clinically important Non actionable finding | Normal variant Granuloma; pectus deformity; lobectomy; anatomical variant
Medical Object Medical Object
Normal anatomy Normal anatomy
Other Notations
Technical Procedure
ComparisonComparison report
RecommendationClinical opinion
Other textReport component
*Fleischner glossary term or where not relevant, RadLex term www.radlex.org